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 Diaspora Shinagawa Guide

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PostSubject: Diaspora Shinagawa Guide   Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:13 pm

GMGreywulf wrote:
Diaspora is a team orientated battle against hordes of demons spread out onto a field, similar to a raid in many games.
How to get in
The requirements for Diaspora is as follows:
You must be level 60+
You must have DB License B(Obtained at end of Act 16)
You must wait 72 hours before joining another Diaspora
You must have the indulgence of Diligence (Can be obtained from Gomory in Shinagawa x21 y20 for 30k Mags)

Once you have satisfied all the requirements you must have a team of at least 5 members at most 30 members in order to enter diaspora through the team leader talking to Gomory.

Within Shinagawa Diaspora
Once in Diaspora the following happens:
Overview: Unlike Diaspora Suginami, movement is safe and there is no bad status applied to characters (such as Astaroth's Feather)
Demons: Cost 0 Mag to summon, close-range, long-range, and spell damage increases. Healing increases.


Once you are in Diaspora you are randomly spawned within one of the yellow circles surrounded by a barrier. Once the barrier are down you have 40 minutes to finish off the main boss of the area whom are spawned within the green square when the conditions are met.

To meet the conditions work with the team and start killing the demons around the entire map, those demons will drop Key Fragments that need to be item mixed together with a Colorless Key to form a Completed Key

Once you have all keys created (minus Black and Gray) work together with the team to time the suppression of the towers together in order to reach the next step (Warning: Towers C - I can only be suppressed at this time)

Once towers C - E are suppressed, Odin Vision will spawn next to tower E (Note: Vision Odin will drop the Black Key Fragment).
Once towers F - I are suppressed, Thor Vision will spawn next to tower I (Note: Vision Thor will drop the Gray Key Fragment).

Note: Both Odin and Thor can only be harmed by demons

Once you kill both Visions, a cut scene will play (cannot skip) and Metatron Avatar will descend from the sky (located in the green square).

Odin Vision - Located @ Pillar E
Thor Vision - Located @ Pillar I
Throne Amina - Located @ Pillar B
Dominion Amina - Located @ Yagiya near Pillar D/G (X:22, Y:20)
Virtu Amina - Located @ Pillar F

To defeat the real boss, the 5 demons listed above must be taken out in order for the real boss's barrier to be down temporary (Note: once these demons re-spawn the barrier is back up). Only Odin and Thor must be taken out through demons, the others can be killed by player characters.

Reward and Exchanges
Once you finish off the real boss you will be able to get some rewards, among them are 6 Masakadus in which you can exchange with Gomory for prizes when you have certain amount:

The Exchange Prize include:
1000 Expertise Point increase(Limit 2: First time cost 150, Second time cost 200)
Comp Expansion(increase the amount of demons you can put in your comp by +1 cost 150)
Metatron Plugin(Cost: 500)
Skills(Cost: 100 Each)
- Boogie Woogie
- Clench
- Kin's sake
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Diaspora Shinagawa Guide
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