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 Mixable equipment

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PostSubject: Mixable equipment   Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:59 pm

Equipment that mix with Equipment of the same gender
GS Comp: Combat = GS Comp: Growth + GS Comp: Growth
GS Comp: Delicious = GS Comp: Combat+ GS Comp: Growth

Equipment that mix with other Equipment

DBOR-2c = DBOR-1 + Gleipnir
DBOR-2c = DBOR-1 + SunBurst Earring
DBOR-2t = DBOR-1 + Ring of Nibelungen
DBOR-2fg = DBOR-1 + Brilliant Grace
DBOR-2fg = DBOR-1 + Brisingamen

DBOR-3c - Incense of Experience(5x non-trade) x 30 + DBOR-2c
DBOR-3t - Incense of Experience(5x non-trade) x 30 + DBOR-2t
DBOR-3fg - Incense of Experience(5x non-trade) x 30 + DBOR-2fg

3c, 3t, 3fg changes from 2's version = +5 to all stats

DBOR-3cX - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3c
DBOR-3tX - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3t
DBOR-3fgX - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3fg

X version = add +30% expertise gain to the previous version

DBOR-3cY - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + DBOR-3c
DBOR-3tY - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + DBOR-3t
DBOR-3fgY - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + DBOR-3fg

Y version = add +33% demon xp gain to the previous version

DBor-4 - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + BOR-3cX
DBor-4 - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + BOR-3tX
DBor-4 - Incense of Experience(5x Demon) x 50 + DBOR-3fgX
DBor-4 - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3cY
DBor-4 - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3tY
DBor-4 - Incense of Mastery(5x) x 30 + DBOR-3fgY

4 version = s2(+5 to all stats +30% expertise gain) s3(+5% close-range, long-range, and spell damage +33% demon xp gain)

Equipment that mix with Soul Stones
Veronica Earring

Lα-Caterina - Omoikane Crystal X 14 + Caterina
Lω-Caterina - Power Crystal X 14 + Caterina
Nα-Caterina - Incubus Crystal X 14 + Caterina
Nω-Caterina - Nue Crystal X 14 + Caterina
Cα-Caterina - Pisaca Crystal X 14 + Caterina
Cω-Caterina - Zouchouten Crystal X 14 + Caterina

placeholder wrote:

Critical Defense +10, Status Ailment Resistance +10%
- +25% demon general damage
- If your partner is linked by fate and above, +12% close-range, long-range, spell damage.

- Critical and Critical Defense +20, Status ailment resistance +15%, Critical +20, Curative +10%
- If your partner is linked by fate and above, +10% close-range, long-range, spell damage.
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Posts : 401
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PostSubject: Re: Mixable equipment   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:02 pm

[quote="tifavalentine2"]How to turn Servant Puppet/Spirit Avatar/Servant Rabbit to the LNC versions

With the new content implemented, we also got the quests to turn your puppet/spirit/rabbit into the LNC versions, which grant extra bonuses if you're same alignment as it. This will be more useful for those wandering about these quests since some of its text is not fully translated atm. I have done the puppet one and the spirit one myself, so I know it works without any issues.

For Servant Puppet:

1- Keep your Servant Puppet in inventory, and go to Protopia's Armor Shop.

2- Talk to the girl, Hatu-chan, and ask her "about this stuffed animal".

3- Currently, due to the bugs that came along with the new patch, the NPC text is in japanese (but not the options it gives). Simply select the first 2 ones (you'll see them without text, though, but just click on the first space in the option window).

4- Accept the quest. She'll ask you for "food". Options are:
* 5 demon snacks of each type (5 from the ones you get in Babel, 5 from Arcadia, 5 from Sohounzan and 5 from HomeIII).
* 10 Jellies (as in, power jelly, magic jelly, etc. These are a bit rare atm, as they're from events and such). Some demons may give you jelly as well, through care/mooch and DFQs rewards. Can be obtained through mixing too (great success, tho, iirc).
* Candies (not normal candies, but these are a quest reward. Don't have much info about these ones atm, tho).
Best option for now should be the snacks. How to get 5 snacks from each city, without having to wait to buy again from the Demon Snack Vendors? Here is a little trick: ariadne thread (that you get from some events atm) + having at least 1 alt. Go to the 4 cities in your main char, and buy the snacks. Leave the ariadne on your item depo, log in your alt and get it. Go to the 4 cities again. If you have more alts, you can easily get the 5 snacks of each type very easily. If not, it's a matter of being patient ^^

5- Once you collected the snacks, talk to Hatu-chan again, same as before. Again, text will be currently in japanese, but just click on the first options. Then you'll be given the chance to pick a colour for the puppet: blue, red or green. Depending on which you pick, you'll get the following:
*Blue -> Servant Puppet L
*Red -> Servant Puppet C
*Green -> Servant Puppet N

6- She'll then remove your puppet. Talk to her again to get it back, and freshly converted! ^^

Stats on Law Servant Puppet as example:
(yes, the extra -cd is for yourself, not your demon, as long as youre same alignment as the puppet).

For Spirit Avatar:

1- Keep your Spirit Avatar or your Servant Spirit α in inventory, and talk to St Germain (Shinjuku Babel).

2- Click on the ""Growth of the Vessel Spirit and Bond"" option that is right below "About Bless".

3- Same as with puppet, simply click on the first options when asked.

4- He'll ask you to kill an amount of certain bosses (10 Pure Flame Flamies, 10 Obsessive Demon God Thor and 10 Guardian of Sin Jikokuten).
[Note= It seems that if you talk with St Germain for about 4 times, saying yes to all he asks, it will skip the boss hunting task and directly ask you the plasma collecting. Has been tested and confirmed. (Thanks, St Germain? o.o ) Once done, you have to wait the 20hs cooldown for the next request.]

5- After the 30 boss kills, you will need to collect :
1 faded comic book: french
5 Broken Mobile Phone G207x
2 faded earring garnet
5 Broken Mobile phone Z903x
5 Deteriorated Tires: Natural
10 Scrap Wood: Beams.

6- Wait 20hs again for this second request. Once you're done, talk to St. Germain again. This time, he'll ask you, once again, to collect certain plasma drops:
3 faded comic book: french
15 Broken Mobile Phone G207x
6 faded earring garnet
15 Broken Mobile phone Z903x
15 Deteriorated Tires: Natural
30 Scrap Wood: Beams.

7- Report back to St Germain and he'll ask you some questions which will determine alignment of your spirit. These are:
*Power is Everything -> Spirit Avatar C or Servant Spirit α · C
*Order what happiness -> Spirit Avatar L or Servant Spirit α · L
*Neither of those -> Spirit Avatar N or the Servant Spirit α · N

8- After this, you will have your Spirit Avatar/Servant Spirit α already converted.

Stats on Law Spirit Avatar:
[pic courtesy of Mirraiel. Ignore the Heca tarot in it, won't affect the characteristics in this case]
[Currently seems to be missing LNC bonus text, but you can see that it now also has +10% general dmg to your partner, instead of just +5%. The missing LNC bonus is another +50% XP for partner if player is same alignment as the extra.]

Stats on Law Servant Spirit α :
[pic courtesy of DigitalSera]
[currently seems to be missing LNC bonus text as well, which is another +10% XP for partner.]

Quote :
Please, do NOT confuse this quest to the one to get Servant Spirit α (alpha). That is a different quest which can be found here. This one is to turn them into an LNC version, which will grant your extra a LNC-based bonus.

For Servant Rabbit:

1- Keep your Servant Rabbit in your inventory in order to trigger the quest. Talk to Tanny, in Shinjuku Babel's Weapon Shop.

2- You will notice a lot of non-translated text (will update once localized) and then he will ask you if you want to do "Beginner, Intermediate or Expert".
3- Based on what you chose, you will be asked to kill certains bosses:

+ Beginner= Great Garm × 30 (Suginami Tunnels, Bronze boss).
+ Intermediate= Oberon and Titania x 10 each (Shibuya Quartz, Silver bosses).
+ Expert= Tokisada x3. (Ichigaya Camp, Gold - Unknown Summon Orb B107 boss).
+ Lucky Person= Zhu Que x1. (Kagurazaka Zhu Que Caverns, Bronze "very rare" boss).

4- Once you complete the task you selected, report back to Tanny. He will talk to you (more non-localized text) and ask a question. You'll get the following options:

* Destruction Type · (Chaos Rabbit)
* Equality Type · (Law Rabbit)
* Appropriate Type · (Neutral Rabbit)

5- After this, you'll have your Rabbit freshly converted to the alignment of your choice.

Stats on Chaos Servant Rabbit:
[Pic courtesy of darknesscomes72]
+100 HP/+50 MP to Partner
+10% General Damage Inflicted by Partner
+25% Limit Break Damage Inflicted by Partner
If same alignment as the Rabbit Servant LNC:
+60 Critical to Partner
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Mixable equipment
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